Projects & People

Current Projects

Seals in NYC
Collaborators: Dr. Kristy Biolsi (St. Francis College), Rob DiGiovanni (Riverhead Foundation), New York City Audubon


Microevolution of Alarm Calling in Helmeted Guinea Fowl
Collaborators: Dr. Guillaume Rieucau (Institute of Marine Research)


Captive Dingo Behavior
Collaborators: Terry Webb (Wildlife Conservation Society/Prospect Park Zoo)


Sexual Selection in Mantids
Collaborators: Dr. Preethi Radhakrishnan (Laguardia Community College)

Current Research Students

Ashley Adams (St. Francis College) – Alarm Calling in Guinea Fowl

Brian Restrepo (St. Francis College) – Seal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation

Jennie Magee – Seal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation

Previous Research Students

Hilda Posada – Seal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation

Abel Costa – Perception of Craniosacral Therapy as an Effective CAM Method

In the meantime, if you are interested in undergraduate research in animal behavior and ecology, or have ideas for a project, please contact me.

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