Ring in the New Year with… Ultrasound!

My good friend, Dr. Ashika Jain (Maimonides Hospital Medical Center), will present her research on the use of ultrasound in the emergency room. We often think of ultrasound as a tool that is used during pregnancy or physical therapy. However, Dr. Jain’s research suggests that it can also be applied to effectively assess trauma. All are welcome to attend: February 1st, 5-6PM, at the Hudson St. location in Room 553.

Yep... not just a baby-finder.

Skeleton in the Closet

There’s a naming contest in effect for a bag of bones in my office. Currently, he’s loitering in the hallway, and folks have been accessorizing him (when I leave him alone for five minutes). Next to his shady spot, there’s a box where you can deposit your suggestion anonymously. I will draw from the pool randomly on Valentine’s Day. The winner will receive glory, power, and greed. Or, just a coffee with me.

If I only had a brain...

Who Says the French Are Sleazy?

Happy New Year, Everyone! Incidentally, I neglected to establish a New Year’s resolution (again), as it would imply that I would need to obey self-control. Who needs constraints anyway? But, I digress.

On a serious note: My good friend, colleague, and all-around dirty Frenchman, Dr. Guillaume Rieucau from the Université Paul Sabatier will present a seminar entitled ‘From group size effect to social information use: exploring the social behavior of Nutmeg mannikin‘. The seminar will be held on Tuesday, January 18th, 2011 at SUNY Empire State College Metropolitan Center (325 Hudson St., Fifth Floor, NY, NY) from 5-6PM in the Gallery (Room 544). All are welcome to attend, and to throw tomatoes at your leisure.

How you doing'?

This is Your Brain… This is Your Brain on Drugs… Any Questions?

Nothing beats an ’80s ad for drug prevention like smashing scrambled eggs on a stove top except – a trip to ‘the Brain’ exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. Today, my AB students and I had the opportunity to explore the Museum’s new exhibition. I think everyone had a great time.

Interactive signal transduction platform
Work that procedural memory! Work it!
Brains. 'Nuff said.
T-rex, baby.

An Urban Green Thumb

We finally went to the farm last week! The Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is located at 44 Eagle Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I think my class had a great time, as we learned about the new movement for urban agriculture. As we draw near the end of the growing season, the farm mostly has chillies, with a few scattered veggies here and there. Feel free to drop by on a Sunday from 10AM-4PM for the open market, and support local and organic project.

An Afternoon with the Natives

Went to the Central Park Zoo with my Animal Behavior students the other day to generate ethograms. It’s been 8-10 years since I was there last, and there have been significant changes. For starters – they have two snow leopards (granted, they’re ex-Bronx Zoo residents, but they’re from within the same WCS community anyway)! Secondly, they have a tropical house! With prosimians!

The Sound of the Harmonic Generator