Dolphins, Manatees, and Albino Mice

Last week we kicked off our Diversity in STEM Science Colloquium for our 10th (count them… 10!) iteration. Unlike colloquium series in the past, this colloquium is currently being held during the Fall 2019 term, as I will be away for sabbatical during the spring 2020 term. That means that the Colloquium will be back in the spring 2021 term.

First, thanks to Eric Ramos for presenting his work on the use of unmanned aerial systems (UASs) to study manatee and dolphin behavior in the Caribbean.


(P.S. – my students thoroughly enjoyed his profile.)


But, up next, we’re bringing back Dr. Punita Bhansali from the Department of Biological Sciences & Geology at CUNY Queensborough Community College to talk about her work on the evolution of mammalian visual systems.


What: ‘The Investigation of Factors that Guide the Formation of Mammalian Retina’

When: Tuesday, 9/24/19

Where: 325 Hudson St., Room 342

Time: 5-6PM

The Diversity in STEM series is supported by our SUNY ESC Student Awards Fund.

See you all there!

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